12 thoughts on “Minato Sato 8 years Old – Double Decade!

  1. Incredible!!! Also good to see someone younger riding with brakes. Too many newer riders try to skip the basics. Good to see a solid foundation of tricks being built.

    This is really inspiring.

  2. a lot of us will know that feeling but at 8 years old? kids are getting crazy good. like matt said above good to see the younglings learning with brakes and the older basic moves first for more control and skill.

    • To me this shows the importance of grassroots events that are not all about the pros, you can see a lot of jams, workshops by York Uno (sure its been a project for many years) and all those guys over in Japan. Their work seems to have such a big impact on the younger riders, great to see!

  3. Killer riding at 8! Incredible to see these young ones doing some big boy tricks! Keep it up Minato and you may very well be a world champion in several years!

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