Minato Sato – Ares STN Ex Frame Promo

Flatark is just over a week away, and the young rippers in japan will be out in force once again! You got to check out this awesome promo for the Ares STN 16″ Ex Frame featuring the amazing Minato Sato. Look out for the triple decade ender, so good!

8 thoughts on “Minato Sato – Ares STN Ex Frame Promo

  1. Oh my goat!
    2 years ago I went to Kobe for FlatArk. I spent a couple of days there before the contest and I had the opportunity of having some sessions with the locals. Minato was 7 by that time and he showed up in the spot and rode by himself. Its amazing to see the progression of this Kid. There are some details in his riding that make me think he will be a beast soner or later . Can not wait to see him next week!

  2. Kid is way better than me nowadays, and it is just amazing to see! Hopefully we can get this kind of passion for flat started in some of our young folks here in the states… lord knows they need more positive outlets.

  3. The triple decade is so good ! but i am more impressed by the link, switchfoot steam turbine, hitchhicker turbine, switchhicker turbine.. this crazy according to his age !!!
    Congrats Minato !

  4. too good for his age. go back some years and that would be first place tricks in pro. amazing skills. look forward to seeing this dude get older and even better.

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