Must Watch! Akihiko Takahasi – 15 years Riding

It would be easy to label Akihiko Takahasi as that guy that does all the crazy backwards half packer combos, but his riding has so much more substance. Aki is celebrating 15 years of riding and put together this amazing complilation of footage that runs just over 12 minutes. Sit down with a cuppa and enjoy watch the craziness of this guy, no one rides like him! Respect!

20 thoughts on “Must Watch! Akihiko Takahasi – 15 years Riding

  1. Been watching this again ALOT lately !!!!! Been a HUGE fan and have kept up with Akihiko since I FIRST saw video footage of him DESTROYING Voodoo Jam 2007 !!! COMPLETE tech/original/stupid difficult riding !!!!

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