Must Watch! Alex Coleborn – After Hours

Every so often an edit pops up online that I have the urge to post on flatmatters! A few years ago I had the pleasure to get to ride with this guy on the daily, and can truly say he’s one of the most gifted riders I’ve ever seen! Here he teams up with Matty Lambert for an edit that might well have surpassed Shootin’ it!

6 thoughts on “Must Watch! Alex Coleborn – After Hours

  1. not 1 comment on this wtf?..barspin nosepick to whip drop in..also 2:35 dave osato would cry on this :whip manual oppo whip.. pffff

  2. Merciless. I love the bar to nose manual, would love to see that in the flat world. The level of these riders is unreal, makes me think how crazy they would be if they approached flatland with the same discipline.
    Personally I love these edits on flatmatters. The lip tricks alone are very flat worthy.

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