Must Watch! Alex Jumelin – BMX Progression!

During September if you follow Alex on instagram you will have noticed that Alex posted new tricks/variations on the daily almost without fail! With a lot of the combos pulled for the first time. Alex put this edit together to show all the videos back to back and also say thanks to everyone who voted for him in the 2013 Nora Cup!
There is a lot to take in but the standouts for me were the Cross foot pedal hang 5 turbine combo at 1:50, the combo at 2:35 with both feet on tyre around the bars, go watch this!

5 thoughts on “Must Watch! Alex Jumelin – BMX Progression!

  1. Amazing! I love foot under the bottom bracket steam turbine backwards jump to pedals. It’s all so short and sweet and aggressive. Perfect riding for me. Very exciting stuff!

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