Must Watch! Alexandre

Great edit by Johnathon Tamayo that gives some insight into Alex Jumelin’s younger years, motivation to ride, moving to the states, learning new tricks, theories about contest riding and of course some awesome riding clips! Really enjoy these insight edits!

17 thoughts on “Must Watch! Alexandre

  1. I always thought that Alex was more of a contest type rider and was very competitive. Great to get more insight into how he thinks and to find out he approaches riding in a much different way than I thought he did. His new style shows his philosophy about riding much better I think. He has ALWAYS been incredible and done original things but nothing like what he is doing now. Keep creating Alex, Flatland needs it!

  2. so stoked to ride after this … I am on the brink of learning a few new tricks, but feel like I cant get over that hump, it is frustrating at times.

    “everyday you feel like you just learn flatland , its hard everyday , its hard for me as much as its gonna be hard for guys that have just started. but the rest is in your mind … ”

    thanks for this. Respect !

  3. I’d say that is the best flat doc I’ve ever seen, good stuff Alex, lots of similar thoughts to my own.

  4. I helped johnny and kenny in new orleans during filming and gained much respect for Alex. Have always been a fan of his riding but became even more of a fan of Alex the person. His insights on riding, progression, contests, and family is meaty and full of wisdom. If every rider looked at riding the way this guy does, who knows what could happen within the sport.

    Great job Johnny. This little documentary is an awesome piece of work.

  5. I have so much respect for Alex after seeing this. His riding has always been progressive to me. Given the various stylistic changes he’s gone through over the years, the insights he shares come off as completely genuine.

    I think that as more people take on this sort of perspective (or return to this perspective – I think that the internet has kind of made a lot of people hungry for the wrong sort of attention), it will be healthy for the sport.

    Congrats on the edit. I can’t wait to hang out this summer.

  6. Definitely one of my favorite edits of the year right here. Combining the interview and riding = so sick.

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