Must Watch! Alexis Desolneux – You are your Path!


Every so often an edit comes along that defines what we do! This is flatland! Read Alexis’ words below, and enjoy this incredible edit! Thank you Alexis!

” I don’t know any friend or even professional filmer who would have the « patience » of my tripod. Filming with a tripod clearly has its limits in terms of picture quality and representation of a rider’s motion but at the same time, with this video part, this was the only way to realize it. Always available to document, always there for me with the video camera to try to capture a moment that may happen—or never. There are certainly a few things in that video that I would like to re-film better someday or just improve the riding itself. But there are also a few things that I have no certainty to ever capture again on film and, for that specific reason, self-filming was essential to manage the stress and effort of trying to make something happen — be it just once.
But this was all part of the fun in the end : the fear or doubt to never be able to realize a motion you’ve been dreaming about for months or years, abruptly replaced with the profound joy of finally doing it—being able to tell yourself that today was the day and to just go home with a big smile on your face. It is true that the journey can be more important than the destination itself but finding yourself taking a picture of that destination is not a bad feeling ! And more often than not the starting point of another journey.
With these four little minutes, I hope to share with you a little piece of the incredible fun I had building this video part and to also make you want to go out and try to catch that rare moment of yours, enjoy riding and make your day a good day in the process. Thank you for watching. You are your path » Alexis

59 thoughts on “Must Watch! Alexis Desolneux – You are your Path!

  1. Original, difficult and stylish. Alexis is one of my favourite riders of all time, this video shows why. Unbelievable.

  2. Words of a wise man and fellow traveller, speaking the truth.
    Thanks for that amazing video, thanks for sharing your wisdom, thanks for wording what surely many long time riders feel and not so many are able to put out there.
    Ride to live, live to ride!

  3. Thank you for the inspiration alexis.This is so technical stuff and away from the flatland trends!Best internet edit in looong time!

  4. the cruelty of history is that we rarely appreciate true artists in their own life times. the flatland world should feel honored to bare witness to such a dedicated person give there sweat and blood to show us the seemingly impossible in deceptively elegant and smooth way.
    we too have seen great riders be hurt by the world not ready for there level or direction and sadly burn too bright and early and fade away and retract to other aspects of life.
    but with Alexis you are always safe in the knowledge that what you see is the product of super human mental strength and a timeless signature of flawless movement !!
    Alexis as i have said in the past and i will say again i am more than happy to attempt to show saint like attributes of patients to help capture a less restricted (camera angle)

  5. The only thing I could wish for would be more powerful rideouts…but really who the hell am I to even say that!?!?!?

    Awesome stuff right there!

  6. words fail me on how rad this edit is ,so all I can say is read what James smith says in his comment because it was as good as the riding.

  7. i love the purity of his riding, to me this is what makes it beautiful and unique. There’s no “decoartive” moves if i can say that, it’s all about the essence of the trick..remember the brand the essence ? the trick is the essential, one trick is enough if done the way alexis does !! 😉

  8. ” I hope to share with you a little piece of the incredible fun I had building this video part”

    Honestly I’ve never seen a video part that made me feel this inadequate as a rider. I mean I have fun on my bike from time to time but god damn even thinking about trying 10% of those tricks stresses me out.

  9. What the …..
    Alexis has always inspired me. Great person, family man and incredible rider in every possible way. The word AMAZING does not do this any justice. No way could someone even come close to doing something like this.
    No one can do his tricks and no one can emulate him. True artist!
    So ground breaking that no one will even be able to understand it or copy. haha

    • One thing that stood out to me on the first watch, was the aesthetic. Tripod camera, black and white, no gimmicks, draws you to the subject matter! If you wanted to show someone what is flatland, this is it at its highest level! Congratulations Alexis! Remaining true since day one, so much respect!

  10. This will easily be contender for best edit of the year for the 2014 FM awards I’m sure… Excuse me while I pull my jaw off the floor…

  11. Amazing tricks and next level!!! Good Flatland riders are like good wine, they get better with age! Thank you for the inspiration, your riding is EPIC!!! Congratulations for this extravagant progression!!!

  12. Chills! I got chills watching this! Simply amazing! If this was posted a month ago it would be edit of the year! Hopefully everyone remembers this come NORA cup and edit of the year for 2014! However those accolades mean much less than what we all just witnessed in that video! Timeless, creative, innovative, impossible…. speechless..(shaking head and smiling ear to ear)

    Thank you for this Alexis!

    Brian Rybak

  13. THANK YOU. I can feel deep appreciation of what I do and it moves me very much. I feel so lucky. Sharing something so personal with its imperfections is something both fun and meaningful for me that has to happen in the creative process before it’s too late, but also a scary thing to do. MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL.

  14. SO Crazy hard…pretty much impossible actually!
    The difficulty and the originality of these tricks will last forever.

  15. Magnifique,
    bravo Alexis, et ce petit texte plein d’enthousiasme est d’une vérité saisissante. Chapeau l’artiste. Quel progression…

  16. I met Alexis in 1991 when he came to America for a few months. Amazing then, even more amazing today and always an amazing human being. Thanks for being my pen pal decades ago and for inspiring me again by dropping this unbelievable edit.

  17. Just unreal. Hard to describe the level of difficulty, originality and dedication that went into this. Thank you Alexis for blowing our minds completely.

  18. laisser un commentaire longtemps aprés tout le monde
    cela n’a vraiment aucun interet,en francais en plus
    Cepedant ayant rouler plusieur heure dans ma vie sur un parking
    en presence du sieur Alexis.
    J’aies parfois,par paresse intellectuelle,mesestimer son niveau
    et preferer d’autre riders plus lointain ;plus exotique (Ross Smith ,James White,
    pour exemple)
    Méme des fois ,je l’avoue,je trouvais sa versions de l”originalité”suranné ou du moins suréstimé.(par rapport a des Kevin ou Chase)
    Mae culpa,ma grande faute,cet video ma fait voir la finalité du riding d’Alexis

    Bravo Alexis,ton niveau de riding merite tous les sacrifice que tu a fait
    Je vois maintenant le plan géneral,et je suis impessionné

    Désoler pour les fautes d’orthographes ,je suis dyslexique,et ne “poste” que aprés plusieurs biéres

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