Must Watch – George Manos / Nlight

Following George Manos amazing final entry for the Master of Creativity contest, I was kind of thinking he may take some downtime before releasing anything new. How wrong I could be?!!. George’s riding takes a massive leap forward here for me where you can see him developing longer links whilst riding pegless and also his backwards facing nose manual lines, my personal favourite standouts in this latest “Nlight” edit:

The xft pedal 5 line at 00:34, the footwork is amazing, drooling over this one!

No handed backwards facing nose manual to no footed crackpacker at 1:13.

Backwards facing g-turn nose manual at 1:29.

The footwork in the line at 1:36, just amazing!

Double footed spinning backwards facing nose manual at 1:52!

And the banger line, Foot jam whip to no handed grouching pedal xft five line at 1:59 finishes off this creative masterpiece off nicely! Thanks for sharing this George, an absolutely incredible level of creative riding!

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