Must Watch! George Manos – Shadoworld


It is so great when you see a flatlander really show himself in an edit. George Manos for sure is a different breed, so many tricks within this new dark edit that have never been done before, and most certainly without pegs. The intensity from 3:00 really stoodout for me, and what George is doing breaks new ground.
Here are a few examples: No handed backwards facing nose manual at 3:00! Xft nose to indian spinning karl at 3:07? No handed x-ft pedal karl turbine no handed xft pedal karl at 3:28! And that ender at 3:41, it really is something to have less, and come out with more. This to me speaks volumes on Georges riding! Massive respect!

20 thoughts on “Must Watch! George Manos – Shadoworld

  1. It’s very difficult to see , it would be nice to just see the tricks without the darkness theme. I think you riding is great and doesn’t need the rest.

  2. its your video, your art – keep it up Manos ! mad props mate. Venom or Bathory should send this guy some t-shirts though lol

  3. I’m with the other guys here… great that you’re doing your own thing.. I just wish I could see more of what that thing actually is….

  4. I’m with Johnm on this one, make it what you want it to be! The level of creativity, control and skill all combine to make for a really cool experience. I’m sure we will get a chance to see all of the combos in a more conventional way, but it is always cool to see how the creator thinks they can be appreciated.

  5. Many bangers and superhard tricks,despite the darkness this is a must watch video. You have to look twice to understand it.No spinning trends here. μπραβο γιωργο. 😉

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