Must Watch! Going to X-tremes – The Billy Borys Documentary

Going to X-tremes – The Billy Borys Documentary from Terry Proveda on Vimeo.

“At only 14 years of age Billy Borys left home and began a quest to become one of the best flatland BMX riders in the world. After a few years of riding, he got sponsored by one of the biggest BMX companies at the time, started entering pro class at competitions, and moved to the states to pursue his dream. ‘Going to X-tremes’ gives a glimpse into Billy’s life; from growing up with nothing to being on top of the world living his dream- and then having everything stripped away from him again. But one thing that will never be lost is his passion for riding. It doesn’t matter to Billy if he has a bed to sleep on or not, all that matters is that he can ride his bike.”

Great documentary by Terry Proveda.

8 thoughts on “Must Watch! Going to X-tremes – The Billy Borys Documentary

  1. really brings a human element to the whole riding thing. It’s easy to watch great riders on the internet and in videos but they don’t seem like actual people. It’s nice to see the flaws in life, because everyone has problems. In a world of facebook where everyone’s life is on display, captured in still frames, they all look like they’re perfect, but we all know that’s not true. I’d love to see more of this kind of video!

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