Must Watch! James White S&M Zero Point One!



“New bike, new sponsor, James Smith and few hours lot of dry weather! it was on! Yeah right!! I conveniently forgot to account for British December wind whistling through my spokes! Was forced into feeling up the cold floor hard more times than ever! Loved it!”
The truth of Flatland is far from the polished contest runs or neat video parts from your favorite riders, both of these have hours turned into years of solitude, failed progression and cruel consistency.


When I heard James was getting hooked up by S&M I thought a filming session was in order. Living at opposite ends of London we had to make the session count.
Although we were lucky to pin down a dry day, the high hopes of filming a list of bangers was dashed by wind, a flat tire and the unpredictable “having off an day” syndrome.
After fighting against elements and a change of location to a usually desolate car park full of debt hungry shoppers we bowed out to defeat. We parted ways with maybe scraping the whole edit idea and maybe booking a flight February chasing the sun.
After a busy year and cold winter I was keen to see the outcome of the rare past time of capturing moving images. In a tongue and cheek way I over laid the old voice of Johnny Cash to find it work well with the footage.
The result is what I can only describe as a honest view of riding and the journey those that choose roll upon.

25 thoughts on “Must Watch! James White S&M Zero Point One!

  1. I love this! This is the reality of riding, not polished videos of perfectly controlled combos and flawless bangers. Most sessions are spent on our backside waiting for the painful sting of a slam to an elbow or knee to subside.

  2. the white bike really stands out so beautifully well in this black and white edit that this only is just worth watching it 10 times 😉
    smooth minimalist riding, hard tricks, love it !

  3. Such a good song for that edit. I wish more videos would make you feel something instead of just doing the latest tricks.

    I remember watching James White ride at Ninja Spin a few years ago. Nobody had seen him in a while, and he blew us all away despite being older than everyone there.

    Keep riding and motivating us James!!!

  4. Damn that was awesome. James Smith makes some of the best edits, and this is my favorite. I’ve loved James Whites riding sense the first time I saw him back in 94. Keep it up, the both of you. Just brilliant.

  5. Awesome edit.. Really shows the physical and mental pain we all go through as riders.. mad props to james for the S&M hookup…. and to james smith for bringing us another great edit

  6. Being in my 30’s it’s easy for riding to take a backseat to all my other responsibilities. Especially in winter, it’s easier to just stay in instead of going out to brave the elements. After watching this edit this morning, I layered up and went out in the sub freezing weather to an “ok” parking garage and ended up having a great time for the next 3 hours! Thanks James and James

  7. Thanks for all the comments people. Thanks to james for putting his genius edit skills to making a tuff riding sesh look this good! @ethan your comment makes very happy!

  8. It’s so refreshing to see James smile after a wipeout. Too many people throw their bikes in frustration. I hate seeing that.

  9. I totally agree with Ethan and Mark as watching J.White ride is always very positive especially for a guy like me who will be 40 this year.

  10. Thank you everyone for some awesome feedback and hearing the video motivated some of you, motivates me to film in the freezing hands type weather. I know james didn’t even scratch the surface of bag of tricks he has done or has yet to do, but I’m stoked to have captured a real snap shot of riding, top of the game or new to the game, we all fall, love it or hate it, it’s part of progression 🙂

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