Must Watch! John Yull – Triple Brakeless Decade

This is sure to get people talking! John Yull got the last part on Dane Beardsley’s Same Thing Daily 3 DVD which has and is premiering across the globe as I posted yesterday! The Empire BMX premiere went down yesterday in Austin Texas, John just posted this amazing Triple Brakeless Decade clip, the technique tyre to tyre is incredible, his part has a whole lot more and indeed the whole dvd is! Go get it at:

14 thoughts on “Must Watch! John Yull – Triple Brakeless Decade

  1. knew john would get the triple after he was getting so many doubles dialled. old school meets new skool in a crossover kinda way.

  2. This weekend at the OneLoveJam, at least 20 people asked me how I got John Yull to accept my FaceBook friend request. He’s the Justin Beiber of YouTubes right now. Next-level awesomeness and, surprisingly, pleasantly humble…was what I told them I messaged him as a compliment.

  3. Unreal. This is just flat out amazing. A triple with a brake is HARD. A triple without is just… out of this world! John Yull rules.

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