Must Watch! Martti Kuoppa 10 Stemlashes!

This is just flat out next level! Martti Kuoppa just dropped an absolute bomb, 10 Stemlashes! You can always count on the boss to raise the stakes, as if this isn’t enough the description hints of a return to KGB?  Great news! Someone looks like they are ready for flatark…

48 thoughts on “Must Watch! Martti Kuoppa 10 Stemlashes!

  1. This is what the Must Watch category is made for! The technique is just next level, I’m excited by the hint of the KGB return! Great for flatland, boss is back and KGB?

  2. If you watch his heel on the foot on the stem, it is absolutely hilarious the amount of control he has/needs while getting this done!!!! If v. Gomez had the nirvana edit (in my head, anyways) then this is Bad Brains “Sacred Love” edit, in my book! Well done!

  3. And here I am stepping over the frame in regular whiplashes like a chump!

    But seriously, so unreal! He seriously makes this look as easy as rolling a hang 5. I came home from Montreal so motivated to ride, but now am debating just giving up.

  4. R U KIDDING ME, THAT WAS INSANE! the smile on his face just goes to show that the man loves Flatland. 2015 in my eyes is” THE YEAR OF THE LASH “.

  5. The craziest part is how little correction there is. It’s just like he’s chilling in a hang 5. Kind of unbelievable really!!!!!!

  6. the break from riding a while back has deffo brought back his love and passion for flatland and what is possible on 2 wheels. i bet there’s a lot more craziness to come…

  7. It’s super wrong of him to make those stem whips look this easy… new riders will go out and wreck themselves now thinking this is beginner level sh*t that you can just go out and do casually in public places.

  8. This is what a true leader looks like, he contributes so much to flatland and BMX by sharing what he is doing on a bike. Amazing execution on a surreal looking trick, much respect!

  9. When I saw the description of the video I was like …………..10 STEM lashes ???? I had just woken up to go to work …………..when I clicked play and saw , counted the lashes I couldn’t believe it , seriously , and to do them THAT smooth , dialed ???!!!! Dude it looks like hes doing them CASUALLY !!!!!!!!!! THATS A DVD PART , TAKES YOU 10 HOURS TO PULL TRICK !!!!!! I was JUST saying , man BIG E , I wish Martti would drop a clip here and there ………………………….and now THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so happy to rewind this over and over !!!!!!! THANK YOU MR. KUOPPA !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I think reading the comments in this thread made me happier than watching the video. Really hits me in the feels to see so much positivity. Martti, know that you bring everyone together with your awesomeness. This is very important to the community.

    I can think of many ‘top’ riders who do the opposite, who create diversion within the community by polarizing riders, having bad attitudes, etc.

    People like you are needed. I hope these words help convince you to commit back to the flatland scene, because we need you man.

    The comment I most agree with in regards to the video is “It looks fake”. This is very perceptive because Martti does these lashes with such minimal correction that it almost seems like someone did some special CGI effects and added martti just standing ontop of a bike thats doing stemlashes. The truly talented riders make flatland look very very easy.

    • Couldn’t agree more Sean, so good to see! I think it was Pete Olsen who said we need leaders, and Martti is a figure head of our sport, we always need to have that “someone” who does the seemingly impossible tricks. You only have to look at the amount of tricks now done standing on the stem, thats the result of one man. I also love the technique in Marttis stem lashes and his heal moving to avoid the top tube on each whip, yet his head is remaining almost still. Flatland utopia right there, and another door opens…

    • Sean,
      thank you very much for your message. I took my time off from flatland to really go deep down to my heart to understand why I started riding in the first place. It can be really heavy to constantly worry about being the best in the competition results to pay the bills, keep your sponsors happy and also, feed your ego. The real problem with that is, that it only leads to wanting more of it all and that makes us (them) “top athletes” feel quite fearful behind it all and that fear is sometimes unfortunately covered with machoness etc. Fear to lose such lifestyle. I get it all, because I walked that path too.
      However, last year I got back on my bike and started to film Bombarderos project and I was really motivated for the period of filming. Then I finished the project and had hard time to motivate myself during the long winter and I did not ride at all until this May when the real motivation / motives behind started to come on the surface and I felt falling in love again with flatland, just like I was a small kid long time ago. Now I can truly say that I´m sharing what´s in my heart with flatland community and I hope that I can be an example to everyone out there who are struggling with lack of motivation or are not sure what are the motives behind their riding.

      To sum it up:
      With all those first places and many video parts:
      I wanted to show them all what I can do and I wanted to be the best, with that 10 stemlashes video I just wanted to share how happy, joyful and complete riding flatland makes me as a human being.

      Now the next test for me is to hop back on the stage and really see if I can enjoy riding while competing.

      I had no idea that that video would make such impact on people 🙂 kinda cool 😉

      Thank you again everyone for all the support. It means a lot.

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