Must Watch! Pete Olsen – The last ten

PETER OLSEN / THE LAST TEN / 2011 from old haunts on Vimeo.

What a week it has been, it just got a whole lot better with one of the best edits of the year! Pete Olsen kills it! This is a must watch! Video part filmed in Saskatoon, Canada in the fall of 2011. Going to have to watch this on repeat to completely take all this in. Respect!

If vimeo doesnt work for you, hit the link below:

31 thoughts on “Must Watch! Pete Olsen – The last ten

  1. Always good to see a vid where more work goes into the riding than the production of the video. Cant wait to see where his riding is in another year…

  2. Pete!
    Rewound the backwards firehydrant to backwards double whiplash 4 times before I really understood what happened there. Simple principle yet so flippin hard nobodys ever done it! HELL YES! Manly flat for sure!

  3. wow indeed i have watch this three or four times and each time i am like WHAT!! you got to be kidding me! i would not know where to begin.

  4. Yeah, I can’t believe I never saw a backwards facing fire-hydrant before. Tons of originality in this edit. Very inspiring. Keep blazing your own trail man!

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