Must Watch – Toon Pakphum / Shadow Practise

Toon Pakphum is two years deep into his coaching lessons with Martti Kuoppa and boy does it look like it is paying off. I have a lot of respect for anyone who takes the effort of training over and over to be dialled. It is great feeling to know you have tricks on lock, at any point of the day and Toon is one of those riders as he looks to break into what I call the elite group of pro’s currently dominating the contest scene. I love to see someone carrying the fight, and Toon is most certainly doing that.
From the first line onwards I was memorized by his consistency, his head barely moving, total bike control right here.

Some of the highlights for me:

00:57: The multiple stem boomerangs, attacking it!

1:18: the brakeless crack 360 flip to steam, notice how quick he is from jump to the tyre. Amazing technique.

2:21: The backwards boomerang to half packer that just goes on and on.

2:57: The last line is a belter, again its too long to name the whole combination of tricks. Just watch this and think about the dedication and hours it has taken for Toon to get to this level. And now he is firmly knocking on the Podium spot door…

9 thoughts on “Must Watch – Toon Pakphum / Shadow Practise

  1. Really great edit from Toon!!
    So many hard tricks all in 1 link, and there where so many links… and above this almost no death time between the tricks!!!!!
    Mind blowing thx for posting this E
    And thx @Toon to put sooo many hours of practicing for these links and filming it.
    Just had a session of 5 hours and after seeing this I want to go out riding again.
    Thx you 100%

  2. Love the boomerang straight to no handed crack, I think it was. He seems very determined to keep getting better. And good for him, for all his practice to achieve all this. I wonder how much of a pounding stem/rangs cop,& how long stems last though.

    • @ Tristan – Toon does work really hard, im really interested in the work that is going on behind the scenes with Martti and Toon, and also Varo. This is not accident, Toon is turning into a monster.

  3. Will be watching to see how Toon’s riding develops. I just rememembered the flail, that he did off the back wheel, haven’t done 1 in over 20 years. But it’s good because I think some tricks are still fun to do, even if it’s been out a long time.Thanks for the edit Effraim, as we as all the other ones.

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