20 thoughts on “Must Watch! Tsutomu Kitayama – Spring 2013!

  1. This is ripping at the TOP level. There were so many insanely difficult switches in every single link. Yet, of all the insanely hard things he does, probably the multiple flails and flails linked to other things at the END is just hands down crazy crazy STYLE. So much style.


    I dream of becoming this talented. So much envy 🙂

  2. The multiple hang-glider finisher that he does is one of the most “well fucking DUH why did’t anyone do that sooner!?” moves I’ve ever seen and is utterly brilliant. I love this edit so much.

  3. Wooaaah, every switch he does is unique and insanely hard to pull.

    He surely won the flatmatters award (if there’s one…)
    Please more uploads from him…..maybe without the annoying moving cam. 😉

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