New: Primo Freecoaster

It’s been a long time since Primo released “The Bomb” freecoaster. It sure as hell looks like 2013 will be a good year for the “freecoaster”. Caught this lil’ spy shot over at the Merged. It is definitely exciting more companies are putting in work. More details to follow.

5 thoughts on “New: Primo Freecoaster

  1. This will help in a country like ours where brands are very limited and importing f/c’s.
    Primo parts is already easily available and the KHE(newer ones) hub is atleast reliable. This Primo option will get freecoasters on the shelvs and more people riding them.
    New and innovative f/c hubs cost alot and for us to gamble on a ‘maybe its worth it’ is to costly for us to be guinea pigs…

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