Nick Watts – December 7th 2018

Last night it happened again, I see a notification for a new Nick Watts edit right as I am about to go to sleep. It’s become a late night Thursday ritual to save Nick’s video for the morning. I feel like I must scythe same thing every week, but bot can Nick freestyle. I feel the term gets thrown a lot in flatland circles, but Nick is a true freestyler. These lines look like they are thrown together without an idea of where they could end up, bike control, quick awareness and so much style. There are a couple of standouts that made my morning I wish to highlight: the Double boomerang off the back tyre popped into xft cowboy at 00:16 and the No footed flail land back pegs to caboose at 1:07 both brought a smile to my face. It’s raining outside, thank you Nick!

8 thoughts on “Nick Watts – December 7th 2018

  1. Nick Watts along with CFH on the track?! Friday tea shouldn’t be this hype. I’m tryin to relax, and its hard enough because I’m all jacked up on this Yorkshire tea since I switched from Red Rose. Total radness!

  2. Hi Nick, just out of curiosity, in 1 of your edits I saw what looks like a strap, on your elbow. If so, can you please tell me what brand it is, if it’s for tendinitis? Cheers.

  3. Cheers Nick,& keep up the great riding. I’ve got numerous links that are real hard, for me at least. I’m getting real close to pulling them. Take care.

  4. Im all over your YouTube channel , Nick ! So INSANE the SPLIT second transitions , decisions you make , MID-LINE during combos , ridiculously unpredictable …….Freestyle flow / improv at its best ! My eyes / mind cant keep up , haha . Cant wait to watch more of ALL your edits , mate .

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