Nora Cup top 5 nominees announced

Top five nominees for this years Nora Cup are just in, congrats to Dane Beardsley for his nomination.

Matthias Dandois
Waldemar Fatkin
Terry Adams
Hiroya Morisaki
Dane Beardsley

The award goes to the rider who had the best year, my vote went to Matthias. Stay tuned next week for the results from interbike in Vegas! Agree with those nominations? Who would get your vote?

8 thoughts on “Nora Cup top 5 nominees announced

  1. Must be the Brie over there trev!
    More seriously, I don't think all these top fives are right, where is Ucchie, I mean he had a better year than Hiroya for example. The email that goes out clearly says who had the best year, last year that should have gone to Sam. Hands down! There needs to be a bit more clarity, also consider Martti and Viki released one of the best videos if all time and there's no room for them? Does it even matter? Yes it does. Credit where credit is due!

  2. I really would like to know who is the blind person who made the list. I try to follow the flatland business, but newer hear the name:Dane Beardsley. And how can missing Adam Kun from the list? Anyone can to show someone else who always present fresh tricks like Adam?
    Sorry about it, but for me this list so weird.

  3. The list is made up by pros that vote, and tends to be friends that vote for each other to be brutally honest. I agree it's not a great list, but you don't know who Dane is?Dane is incredible, just had awesome part on the new props, placed 3rd at the red bull contest on Indiana earlier in the year. It's actually nice to see a rider that doesn't fit the contest mould on the top five list actually. I cant understand why ucchie is not on that list. Then other candidates would be Martti and Viki (for the KGB DVD), Adam kun (sevisual parts, ninja spin, etc). But actually when you break it down there weren't many killers this year. Kind of a tame year in my opinion. This list doesn't reflect the guideline set..

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