Old school sundays…

Nuts pedal shove its, crank flips clip from Dylan Worsley, Baco 6….Dylan was the main man with regard to pedal tricks back in the day. Respect!

5 thoughts on “Old school sundays…

  1. Sick sick sick sick. All the new riders out there if you haven´t seen Dylans riding, please, collect all the videos you can find from him.
    Mind blowing stuff he have done.

  2. Dylan was and is incredible, I used to ride with him quite a bit when he lived in Worthing. Around the time he learnt that pedal stuff, he was riding through the night, and his progression rate was mind blowing. Regular flatlander one day doing hitchhikers,cliffhangers, that kind of thing, to all that creative pedal junkyard stuff, to this day his no handed gliding antrider on the pedal is one of the hardest tricks ever done in flatland. Much respect Dylan!!

  3. I remember some impressive photos of him in bmxplus back in the 90's but I never realy seen any videos.. where is he now?

  4. The master of the pedal variations his "switch footed gliding pedal locomotive" is a classic nobody has ever duplicated that trick to this day all on his Hutch trickstar ,this is riding which remains timeless respect to Dylan.

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