One thought on “Old School Sundays with Kevin Jones

  1. FLIMSY ass tuff wheels, probably about 50 PSI , ETC …………………SMOOTH lash to OPPY elbow glide , FIRE pink from the PEDALS directly to doughnut hole , even doing it GESTURING to the crowd , ONE HANDED mid combo , ROLLING his loc , landing PEDAL/CHAIN STAY after the boomerang ……….THEN just picking it up to squeaker , foot STILL on PEDAL/CHAIN STAY , ETC ,ETC !!!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to the as BIG-E said THE GODFATHER OF BMX FLATLAND ………videos like THIS are a REMINDER of just how FAR he PUSHED/INNOVATED/CREATED the art !!!!! Never saw this video , THANKS BIG -E !!!!!!

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