Orbea launch the Viki Gomez Freestyle Complete Bikes Range

Everyone knows Viki Gomez is riding for Orbea. But until now, there hasn’t been a whole lot of press coverage around the company and what the project is all about. The wait is over.
The Orbea concept is simple.
“Is it possible to design a bike to enjoy the magic and balance of Flatland, the adrenaline of Street and the technique of Park? The frame and components of the new Rude have been carefully selected to let riders pick their own style and enjoy the different disciplines of BMX.
Rude 10 & 20.”

The complete bikes comes in 2 different versions: Rude 10 and Rude 20. Both versions are available with 3 different frame sizes: 19.6″, 20.75″ and 21″ TT. I’m guessing Viki rides the 19.6. The chain stay is 12.7″ for the 19.6″ TT and 13.2″ for the other 2 TT lengths. The head angle is 75°.

Below you can see Viki showing how to set up a bike ready for flatland riding.

Check out the website for further details:


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