8 thoughts on “Prasheel Gopal – Memories of October

    • hahaha πŸ™‚ on a sidenote, just noticed the halfpacker to inside xft steam, thought i was the only one not to grab bar first before the switch.I haven’t done t in a long time I was just curious is that natural Prasheel? or a new way for you to do it?

  1. TJ, thanks for the props on the combo. Also, to be fair, I am pretty much the greatest rider ever in my mind, so of course I love myself. πŸ™‚

    E, I’ve always kind of pressure flipped the grip in to my hand on that switch. Not sure if its the wide bars, but I find it really awkward if I try grabbing the bar first. Now that I’m running a brake, some doors might open if I can bar first though.

    Thanks to everyone that watched, enjoyed, shared, and commented; I’m overwhelmed with all the support. I promise to deliver more videos next year!

  2. Ontario Represent!

    I actually had to watch the second combo 3 time till I saw what was happening.
    Pivot step through whip… stylish!

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