13 thoughts on “Real City Spin – Dub TV Interview

  1. That’s awesome. Glad you had so much time to explain everything. The guy seemed genuinely excited to have you on. Won’t be able to make it but I am very happy you guys are having a great contest in a great city like Montreal!

  2. I just want to commend Dub again for all the hard work he’s been putting in to this event. I thought his last event, Circul8, in February 2011 was a really well done event (let alone a really well done first-time event), but he seems to be working exponentially harder this time around, using his connections through riding and the industry, to make sure flatland (and flatland in Canada) is presented and treated properly.

    Looking forward to attend and be a part of this, and hoping this gets the attendance and support it deserves.

    See everyone soon!

    • Dub just went up a notch in my mind, he could enter his own contest. Totally agree with his statement on the subject of entering your own contest. This speaks volumes of Dub as a person, good luck for the event dub!

  3. Don’t know if all what Dub said was prepared or not but what I know is that all he said and presented so well could be a great base for a preparation for somebody else who has to do the same thing

  4. Amazing coverage for Canada DUB!
    Well spoken and thoughtful words,
    way too stoked to ride @ TAZ this weekend!
    Cya’ll there!

  5. Amazing promotion of the contest and Flatland in general.
    Very well done Dub.
    Gutted I can’t be in Montreal this weekend.
    Have a great event!

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