5 thoughts on “Remembering X with Chad Degroot

  1. Who did it!?
    Was it on purpose or by accident!?

    Still the funniest contest run I ever saw by far (even way better
    than the bunny dressed flat run) was when Chad D. went out and
    dropped his bike full speed and proceeded to slide on his tummy
    like a penguin across the flat area because the surface was too
    slippery to be able to spin or carve.

  2. When I use to compete all flatlanders I knew were pulling for each other runs. We saw flatland more of competing with your self not other riders.

  3. That’s what makes Chad so AWSOME. He was easily on top at one time, but never forgot to have fun. “Bananas in Pajamas!?!”

  4. I once removed a fellow riders bar ends and filled his handlebars with hotdogs because winning means everything to me. My sponsors were none too pleased, all except for my hotdog sponsor.

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