Repo: Sportzone Veres Contest by Rob Alton

Text/Photos: Rob Alton.

Four months of hard work finally paid off on Saturday at Sport Zone. The larger room and new floor was perfect! Three riders could ride at the same time and we definitely needed the extra space as there were 36 riders from 5 countries at the event. It was a combined contest, the Hungarian Championships in collaboration with Bringasport (Hungarian Cycle Federation) and the Veres Verseny 2019.

We had 10 kids in junior categories and this year for the first time a Girls category. The kids rode really well with our youngest rider Kiss Bősze Andor
just 6 years old pulling his hardest trick in both runs. All the kids were very focused and did Sport Zone really proud. The real stand out Junior was Zsoldos Andor at just 12 years old and riding for 2 years pulled decade combo, Mega Spin to Time Machine, Snake Spin, Hang 5, Pumping Steamroller to McCircle and gyrator! This kid will be a big star for sure so watch out Amateur Class! We had just 3 girls but it’s an important start and I expect to see more in 2020. Monika Hinz took first place and for me the stand out rider was 11 year old Kriston Emma, she pulled every trick she has, forkglide to riding backwards with pedal ride out, Cyclone No Handed, No handed Track Stand, Tailwhip and Boomerang in both runs!

There were 11 riders in Amateur and the level was high too. I know the top Hungarian riders had new tricks they had been working on and wanted to pull. In the end i think it came down to one combo and Bordás Ákos hit one of his hardest combos right at the end of his run which gave him the Hungarian Amateur Champion title. The Croatian riders Frane Granic and Leon Vignjević
took the 2 top spots for the Veres Verseny with their mix of front and back wheel combos. I think it must have been close because no one had a perfect run.

Pro Class had 12 riders from 4 countries and I was so happy they all made the trip. All these guys help inspire the kids at the school and just watching the parents and the kid’s faces was great. They really couldn’t believe what they were seeing and loved every minute of it, which it’s so important for the future of Flatland. Their favourite was Alberto Moya for sure with his unique style an almost clean run. I think it was difficult to judge as he didn’t make the podium. The third place went to Hungarian rider Szájer Gergely with some solid combos and banger right at the end. He took the Hungarian Pro Class win and the official Jersey for 2019 with Miklósi Petér second followed by Vidákovich Fülöp. In the Veres Verseny 2019 Pro Class first and second place was a Czech Republic battle, Mates Tućek and Martin Drazil. All the riders made mistakes and I think it went down to technical difficulty in the end. Mates had some crazy hard x-foot hitchhiker combos as I’m sure most people know and Martin some great front combos and jump switches. I can’t go into too much detail because I was filming!

My best moment was 12 year old Andor beating Alberto Moya in the McCircle Battle and getting a High5 from Alberto RESPECT. I love this Battle and I even got to the Semi Final, Szájer Gergely took the win.

Final words..
We had 2 major TV Channels at the event, the floor was amazing ALL the riders liked it and I’m expecting big things at next year’s contest. In collaboration with Bringasport I think finally Flatland has a good future in Hungary for the current and next generation of riders. It was a great atmosphere, good music from Robert Voller and more spectators than ever before making for a great contest and fun day. I’m going through the video and will get it out there as soon as possible!

BIG Thanks to Bringasport, Magnetica, IPF Corner, Hoval, Elite BMX Shop, Kreativ Fa Ajándék, Vitalade and Gombai Cukrászda and Inextenso for supporting this great sport!

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  1. Rad stuff. This event and the venue seem to keep growing and getting more hype each year. Sounds like a ton of fun was had. I’m still wondering if Vitalade tastes like Gatorade(North American “sports” drink that’s basically water, sugar, artificial flavor and some salt)? If I ever see a Vitalade on the shelf as I roam Canada, I’m totally going to buy it.

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