10 thoughts on “Rodney Williams – Quest BMX Video Contest

  1. Rodney is the best – I always get psyched when I see him ride. I cannot understand how he can do those pedal scuff bar flips. It’s like he’s floating.

  2. Thanx BIG E for the post ! Thanx MR. JAFFA WHIPS for the props ! Speaking of , dude, after SEEING that move LIVE …….it STILL looked like even MORE dream/illusion like !!!! Even after you explained it to me , John Yull , Patrick Schoolen , James McGraw , Todd Carter , Bobby Carter , Ahmed Johnson , etc ,etc at Voodoo Jam in the hotel lobby I STILL came back to Texas confused/baffled at just HOW you pull that trick off …………..not to mention doing FIVE in a combo …………..Joe Cicman into sorcery ??!! I say YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Adam LEGEND Guild , Whatz shakin RIPPER ! I KNOW youre shredding/checking of THAT list/ progressing !! THANX for the props bro , means ALOT coming from you ! Yeah I had to delete my facebook , LOADS spam mail being advertised on MY timeline , people I didn’t REALLY know , screen glitches , screen shut offs , etc ,etc !!! I set up my account in a huge hurry just wanting to connect with riders and I OBVIOUSLY set it up WRONG ,NOT KNOWING what I was doing so it got all messed up !!!! hahahahahaha !!!! I have to take the time to set up another account , this time set it up the RIGHT way !!!!! Miss you too bro , I haven’t forgotten about DOSES 4 !!! Its an honor and im already getting footage for it !!! Later legend !!!!

  4. THANX MR. ROSS !!! Ive BEEN keeping up your riding since you showed up and I met you that Saturday at the old Intellect Skatepark comp, March 27 1999 in Austin on your black Hoffman E.P frame with Takashi Ito bars and just RIPPED up practice/the comp with front AND back wheel flavor !!!! You’ve been SHREDDING since !!! I follow your YOUTUBE CHANNEL !!! Heck man YOU should post an entry also !!!! You GOT the skills/tricks !!!!!!

  5. I grew up with Rodney…great guy back then. I was always was impressed by his ability and how hard he worked. Loved knowing him and watching him. Lost touch as we grew up, but every now and then I would see him perform…still amazing to watch. So glad I found these videos!

  6. Hey Susan THANX ALOT !!! I appreciate the props , really do !!! I do remember riding on Treehouse street , you, Heath , Shane , A.J. , wed all be just hanging out !!! SO much fun back in those days in the 80s ………memories !!! Yeah not much has changed for me . I STILL live here at my moms , work, and STILL ride this little bike !!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!! Its just as FUN now as it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back then !!!! Hope to see you soon !!!

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