Ryo Katagiri – 1st Place Fise World Hiroshima Final Run and Interview

I am back home in the UK and coaching up on content for the site after a few very busy days judging in Hiroshima, Japan. Thanks to “r” that commented on the site with this awesome run footage from Ryo Katagiri’s winning run by Our BMX and reaction interview translated by Hiroshi from 430 with the man himself. Wonderfully humble kid, respect and congratulations Ryo!

5 thoughts on “Ryo Katagiri – 1st Place Fise World Hiroshima Final Run and Interview

  1. Some people might be hating when a back wheeler win a major competition. It’s not about front, back or both wheels, it’s all about originality.

    New blood killing it with a back wheel, it shows just be yourself and do what you like even though some of them might not like it.

    Just do anything to please ourselves and not to please others just wanted to feel accepted because in reality you’re not accepted unless you’re doing what you’re told.

    Free our soul from being drag into a dark corner by doing stuff that we like the most without thinking what others going to say about it.

    We must create pleasure to ourselves.

  2. nice to see the new Our BMX crew (fka Ride BMX mag) give some shine to flatland since they started up a couple months back, hopefully they keep it up…

  3. Of course I don’t know you Acun, but I totally agree with you. I’ve heard and seen the critisms of riders that say he only does this or that. It’s about fun and it shouldn’t have come to this point, where there’s judgemental types. From my experience, a number of these people aren’t ‘real rider’s, they sit at riding spots and barely ride;& in fact can’t actually complete 1 trick. Now, that sounds sanctimonious, but why be critical of others if you can’t actually ride? It’s because they’ve insecurity or confidence problems of their own, that’s why they deflect it onto others,& in some cases, they’re actually in a false sense, feeling that doing this, makes them feel better. Wrong, go and practice, do what you like, wether it’s single tricks, combos, front and back, or if you want to stick with 1 wheel, that’s fine to. I think I may have said on here previously it’s, not good for the younger riders, they can experience peer group pressure. Regarding worrying about what others may say or think of us, it’s actually ‘performance anxiety’, particularly if it’s gotten to the point, that we’re doing things to please others. We’re being watched and so it can be natural to be anxious, but again, do what pleases us, as long as we’re not hurting anyone, it’s fine.

  4. Oh agreed, but the word ‘freestyle’ just doesn’t get used as much;& and I reckon many probably don’t relate to it either.

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