Sam Foakes Prototype Signature!

Just caught this on the IMG Distribution blog, Sam Foakes has gone back to a simple double diamond design for his new signature frame that is in the prototype stage. This looks really awesome! More details to be announced shortly. What do you think?


– 19” TT
– 13.25” CS centre to centre
– 210mm Stand over from axle line
– 105mm HT length
– 74 degree HT
– 71 degree ST
– 7.15” ST length centre of BB to centre of TT
– Butted TT and DT
– Built in chain tensioners
– Removable brake mounts, these are still optional!!
– Laser cut dropouts and DT gusset – gusset is for a little extra strength so you don’t rip the HT off!
– 17mm diameter CS and ST braces to reduce flex
– Little plates in between the CS and ST arms to reduce flex
– Can take up to a 2.00” tyre easily
– Dropouts – 14mm, 5mm thick

24 thoughts on “Sam Foakes Prototype Signature!

    • I will see if I can get a bikecheck Mark, and I know Sam is ready to do a new edit. The frame looks really clean. I have a few more photos, but I’ll wait till I have the “OK” to release them…

  1. I don’t think you’ll see that with his full time job. You’ll certainly be seeing a new edit at some point, and 1-2 appearances a year Brandon.

  2. you know how long I aint see someone rock them fat pegs years ago I rock that back in the day those were the deal in my country

  3. The god has handled down that good ish and blessed us with his holy power weapon bike thing. Help me I’m trembling… th…an…k y…ou… *tears*

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