Scott Powell – Anthology: Group A

Anthology: group A from scott powell on Vimeo.

You may recall Scott Powell’s daily onslaught of amazing riding clips back in May and beginning of June of this year. Most of which all got the “Must Watch” tag, now Scott is putting together three edits of his Anthology and here is the first. Stop reading my description and go watch this one!

7 thoughts on “Scott Powell – Anthology: Group A

  1. So good! I bet when he’s sleeping and at work he’s scheming of some new combo to work on as soon as he can. He’s got hundreds of variations.

    • Both the red and white frames are identical except for the red has brake mounts and the white frame has NO brake mounts. They were custom built by mountain top fabrication. I know tony put MTF on hiatus; i am not sure when he will start it up again.
      They were designed by Tony and I and are a cross between an RLii, Ozone, and a custom 1-off he built prior.
      They turned out awesome; ride super solid and are still going strong after 8 years of being pounded on!

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