Scott Powell – Decade Teaser 1

decade-teaser_1 from scott powell on Vimeo.

Starting the week off with a nice “Decade teaser” treat from Scott Powell, really like the fire hydrant to foot jam decade direct to back pegs to direct foot jam decade at 00:54 not to mention the upside down decade to xft ice cream lines at 1:03 and 1:15. Looking forward to the Decade Anthology edit Scott is working on, stay tuned!

13 thoughts on “Scott Powell – Decade Teaser 1

  1. TEASER ???!!!! TEASER ????!!! What in the……………………..UPSIDE DOWN mega spin decade to CROSS LEFT spin ……….AND then STILL combo out ???!!!!! DOUBLE top rockade !!!!!!!!!! BACKSIDEcade , directly to perv !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Guru came to throw hammers of bicycle mastery !!!! STOKED/SHOCKED to wake up to this !!!!! Been craving some Powell footage !!!!!! Fire hydrant to foot jam/switch feet to perv ,etc !!!!! LOVING this !!!

    • LEE, Hmmm….. I believe that you are referring to the foot wedge technique that I made up while riding with Chase (all time best at decades) in the 90’s – – ya know, snapchat is a wonderful thing…… 😉

      • I ment the footjam exchange to second or third decade technique John Yull implements!

        Would be sick to see a double “Orb” like that!

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