8 thoughts on “Sean Fontenot 2013 Street/Flat Trailer

  1. Really love the whole thing, but especially the boomerangs. A little known but much underrated rider from the past, Ruji Hora, used to do roll back boomerangs that were similar. He did these crazy surfer g-turns into them. He was a regular at the spot in redondo.

  2. E-ron: Thats so ironic, considering that I *also* do surfer g turns into fakie boomerangs!?!?!?!?

    Never ceases to amaze me that I will come up with tricks I’ve never seen anyone do, and then find out that 10 years ago some guy was doing the same exact tricks 🙂

    Flatland is crazy!

  3. Sean: There is a lot about your style that reminds me of Ruji and a whole host of guys from that era: Chris Day, Leo Chen, Jason Parkes, etc. I really love the speed and power you ride with and way you link your movements. I always look forward to your edits and can’t wait to see the surfer g-turn boomerang combo when you commit it to video. And, yes Effraim, I can’t wait to see where the backwards boomerang stuff goes. I have a feeling we are going to see some really interesting and creative things happening with it.

  4. That was insane! Nose wheelie to jump to cross foot is DEATH! Your street/flat style is sick! Getting me pumped to get my full cab combos back! Also loved the feeble grind to 180 and then just full out flat combo from there! SICK!

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