Simon O’Brien – Flatland Immersion Podcast

Dusty Tweedope catches up with Simon O’Brien for the eighth episode of the Flatland Immersion Podcast. This episode takes a more chilled vibe than previous episodes and just feels like a general chit chat. From Simon and his girlfriend having a kid, to work commitments, filming for Landscapes 3, theres a lot covered on here. Grab a beer or a cuppa and enjoy this one!

6 thoughts on “Simon O’Brien – Flatland Immersion Podcast

  1. First of all happy bday Dusty!You’re doing great job with these podcasts,I enjoyed that before session!What can I say about Simon?From the first time I saw him in infinite pieces back in 2000 I was blown away with his style and difficulty…he is one of the 10 best flatlanders of all time in my list…the made you look video from 2006 is still untouchable…

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