6 thoughts on “Simon O’Brien – Made You Look Part 3

  1. My god. I remeber first watchig this and being blown away. Watchig it again now and noticing all the little things simon puts into a combo ka boom.
    Dude can do it all.
    Countdown to the new edit i smell.

  2. Bang, Bang, Bang.

    Simon just hits absolutely everything. Great motivation to have fun riding and do your own thing.

  3. This came out in like 2004 right? I think this was still a few years before impulsivity, and nothing between the two videos even came CLOSE to topping this.

  4. “2006” is graved on the Made You Look dvd.
    “2008” is written on the Impulsivity dvd cover.

    And never forget all the japanese dvd that a few have been able to watch, there are almost always VERY impressive riding in these too.

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