Spyshot: Cult Freecoaster

With freecoasters widely being used by Street riders across the globe. It seems all the main players are beginning to pay attention to the freecoaster now the demand is there from the street market. Which is great for the flatlander of course providing it works.

With that said here is the Cult Freecoaster, Paul Chamberlain sent this Spyshot and thought “it looks like a needle bearing driver version of the KHE. Which might solve the driver issues.”

3 thoughts on “Spyshot: Cult Freecoaster

  1. Pretty cool idea. I’m not sure it will solve the driver issues though unless they have changed the bearings on the inside the driver too.
    It will probably roll and backpedal more freely though.

  2. True Pete, I’d forgotten about that! I’m guessing that it’s all needle bearing, considering that the other side has needle bearings too.

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