Episode 66: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Brent Zdrill

We are gaining some welcome momentum back with the Flatmattersonline exclusives.
And I am particularly stoked on today’s feature, as this is sent in by a FM reader (not that you all aren’t). But, what I am saying is, Brent Zdrill aka BZ who comments the site, is actively out there doing it, and documenting and sharing his riding with us all.
It’s super nice to put a picture to all the comments on the site, and Brent comes through with a really smooth mega spin turbines peg time machine to junkyard pivot out.

Brent has supported us all with commenting on countless videos, and it’s time to return the favour. These clips are all about using “YOUR OWN” level, do you have any suggestions what Brent could do to improve this line, and perhaps Brent when he’s ready could throw in something fresh for another exclusive at a later date.
This is what happened originally with my own riding and was motivation to start the Flatmattersonline exclusives, it’s good to get your clips out there. You might get an idea yourself, and someone may chime in and suggest it.
Whatever, the case it’s super cool Brent from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada came through with episode 66. He’s a family man, missed the latter part of his 20’s and returned to riding 5 years ago after the birth of his son.
Rodney Williams encouraged Brent to step up for a clip, and now I think its time to ask Rodney to step up too and return the favour.
Thanks Brent for contributing, whose got episode 77 dropping on Wednesday?….