It’s the 2017 World Championships this weekend at NASS!

It’s about that time where we start building up to a massive weekend on the contest calendar. The World Championships returns to the UK at the Nass Festival in Shepton Mallet, it seems as good a time as any to re-up my repo from last year. Who’s going to take the title this year? See you there!

Text: Effraim.
Photography: Effraim and Ged McConville.

Like everyone when the iBMXff World Championships were announced a few months back, I thought “Where the hell is Flatland?”, there were various trains of thoughts from most of the flatland community, but it seemed summed up with “it’s not the worlds without flatland”, emails went back and forth. If I am being honest, I didn’t think Flatland would be included with budgets and all….

Takahiro Ikeda, Xft no handed straddle time machine on his way to a huge second place.

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