Must Watch: James McGraw & Pete Brandt / 50th Birthday Edit

James and Pete: 50 years flatland bmx from James McGraw on Vimeo.

People often ask me, “Effraim, why do you travel across the globe to ride in a car park (Parking lot)? Through my travels competing and visiting jams, etc, Pete and James have become two of my best friends in the flatland community. James and Pete both share the same birthday, April 10th (today), and James hired Jim McKay to put together this amazing 50th birthday edit that really captures not only amazing riding, but also the feeling and emotion behind what goes into flatland and our culture.

When people ask me that same question in the future, I will show this edit, and say these are two of best friends that I would never have met, but for flatland. Jim McKay did a great job putting this together and his professionalism gives this edit a movie like feel.
Not too mention having, Mark Eaton also contributing the soundtrack, I feel honoured to have contributed to this video with some footage of Pete shredding the Clocktower back in January.

Happy birthday James and Pete, thanks for all your do for flatland, and the inspiration over the years. This is truly awesome, go watch this now and soak in the flatland brotherhood experience!!!!