6 thoughts on “Takuo Moriya – Tea Kettle Madness

  1. If this is the same kid I saw in past edit, well if he keeps this up, he’ll be in the pro class and probably blowing away adult riders. I sure would like to see what else he can do now, & what he wil be like in say, a years time. You’re awesome Takuo.

  2. Maaaaaaaan…………I thought he was gonna butter slip to that tea kettle…………when he did the switch hand steam flip to it , which is VERY popular these days with riders………..I about SCREAMED………really , really LOUD , for real ,bruva !! Damn , these kids are rippers on their bikes , like BIG E says , just hope they stick with it till…… theyre O.G.s , like Ito , Yanmar , Taro , Chase , Marton , Effriam , etc , etc ! THIS kind of stuff really is motivating / RAD to see , and unfold as they keep riding their bikes , develop their skill levels !!

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