The 2019 One Love Jam – Newport Beach CA

OneLoveJam2019 from OneLoveBmx on Vimeo.

The 9th annual One Love Jam in Newport Beach was the best jam I have ever been to, stoked to get a clip on the official edit that Darin Wright just dropped. If you didn’t make it out, get a small taste of the jam with a fitting feel good track from Cheryl Lynn! The best times in Cali, get yourself there next year for the 10th annual!

Featured Riders:
Darin Wright
Brian Tunney
Efraim Catlow
Sophia Pellman
Brian Huffman
Gabe Weed
Andy Cooper
Omari Cato
Fat Joe
Pete Brandt

4 thoughts on “The 2019 One Love Jam – Newport Beach CA

  1. Incredible riding from all the riders! I was waiting for some Dylan Worsley footage to be honest…Next year im joining with Navid!Haha joke!!!

  2. SLAAAAAAMMMMED !!! Good job on the edit , Darin , AND for throwing this event every year . Heard from Diego Tejada that the One Love Jam is NOT one to sleep on . Rad riding from all in this edit ! Gotta get out there to experience this jam for the weekend , hopefully next year . The spot looks mint / so smooth , huge …….not to mention getting to session with so many riders who Ive looked up to for many moons !

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