The Adams Visit Venice

The Adams Visit Venice from David Mavro on Vimeo.

Terry Adams just dropped a new edit featuring his beautiful wife, Vanessa whilst they were both in Venice Beach, California. Here’s what Terry had to say:

“This edit was made to over exaggerate what is it like for a wife to be married to a BMX rider. The entire idea and most of the filming all came from my friend Dave Mavro, he just wanted to do something fun that made BMX look rad and flashy..”. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “The Adams Visit Venice

  1. Dont know what to think of this, nice to see that terry is so proud of his girl.
    I think his girl need to eat more, somebody give her some chicken haha

  2. Great lil edit, Dave. When can we expect the next one, maybe less Mr. Adams and a LOT more Mrs. Adams? I have to ASSume he trains a lot, BORING. What’s her training schedule like? Let’s get BEHIND those scenes;-)!

    Ps- DECO rules!

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