The return of Hoffman Bikes Big Daddy!

I’ve known about this news for a while, but the official word just broke online from Mat Hoffman himself:

“These are almost in production. Kevin (Jones) rode and went through the prototype and made his corrections. We are being very meticulous to make Kevin stoked and keep it up to his standard. No ETA date yet, but I will post here as soon as I know. Also you’ll notice the tubing is a thinner OD. This was a request form Kevin to make it lighter. Here’s a mock up from the first prototype of what the decals will be too… thanks -Mat”.

Exciting news, whose tempted with this? I know I am…

5 thoughts on “The return of Hoffman Bikes Big Daddy!

  1. Oh man, the things i did to get mine back in the day. Dont know if my back will allow me to lug this one around (I dont care how many grams they shave off), it’s chunky goodness!

  2. Yeah I saw this awhile ago Effraim. I’m guessing it’ll be acquired by collectors,& the % of those who still like platform frames.

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