Thomas Noyer wins the Flatmatters Contest at King of Concrete 2013!

Phew! The weather held out long enough to get flatland done. Congratulations to Thomas Noyer who had an incredible first run to take the top spot! Keelan Phillips 2nd, and Jean-Francois Boulianne took the third spot with Matti Hemmings very closely followed in 4th place. In a new twist to the event, the judges went back over videos of the runs on tight decisions!

Big thanks from me personally to all the riders that came and supported KOC 2013! So many international riders in attendance, really awesome! The level of flatland riding this year was the best in quite a few years!

Congratulations to Yannick Chauvel, Yinka Thomas and Joe Cicman, the top 3 in AM. In the Novice class, Anatek Rahain took the win in a field of 16 riders, closely followed by Callum Emery and Ronnie Surridge!

I will post the full results when I get a few moments….

2 thoughts on “Thomas Noyer wins the Flatmatters Contest at King of Concrete 2013!

  1. Just got back to Bicester, Quality day out! It was nice to meet you Effraim, nice to catch up with a few friends & the quality of riding was superb! If Matti could’ve pulled that no foot death truck i think the top 3 would’ve been a little different! JFB threw down, i was amazed he was there! Actually i was amazed at the turn out! Great event, great time, cannot wait for next year will definitely be coming again!!

  2. Thomas was throwin down all weekend and won that with two hours sleep the night before! good turnout in all groups, proper pro comp , awesome sessions a inspirational and motivating weekend to say the least

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