Throwback Thursday with Michele Maiolani / Rolling 2015

Over the last week or so, I have been checking back over footage of Michele Maiolani wondering where he’s at and if he’s still riding? This weeks throwback is dedicated to the
2014 Amateur World Champion, Michele Maiolani doing his thing in Parcheggio, Italy! If you remember his riding or don’t know his name, get familiar! One of the best in the rolling game for sure, in 2014 he dropped a bar grab one handed pedal 5 in his run in Koln, and one up’s it here for the ender at 2:50 plus a ton more! If you are reading this Michele, let us know what you are up to, thank you!

13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday with Michele Maiolani / Rolling 2015

  1. True.. Last contest I remember going to that had a floor big enough for these types of tricks was Flatground 2 (or 3?) in the big ass convention centre in Amsterdam. That floor was HUGE.

  2. Yall , Alexis / Jason are preaching to the choir ! That’s an old saying meaning Im just as stoked on Michele , his riding as yall are . Man , Ive reposted edits of him a lot on my F.B. page . This edit is MENTAL ……HARD az f-k rolling HAMMER combos , relentlessly thrown @ you back TO back , just watched this edit couple weeks ago after work . Michele is a rider who Ive been into since 2013 . Such a ripping T.B.T. , also BIG E !! Ive been wondering where Michele has been riding wise …..myself ! Being someone who still struggles with basic hang fives ……..THIS kind of riding is king to me , so difficult , so technical ………..and to me ….SO entertaining to watch over AND over ! Hell , bruv …this edit STILL …….hoooollllllddds to THIS day ! RESPECT , Michele !

  3. I mean…….c, mon ………………multiple whiplashes using rear pegs , pedal fives , nose manuals …… BIG E stated…..the ENDER , SO much hard sh-t in this . JEFE status , for real !! The fact that he ACTUALLY looks like hes doing basic hang fives……as he goes / flows through these links…….so smooth , dialed ……..his control , sketchless , not a single ounce showing struggle . We all how hard these line are ! Would be so good for him to drop a lil edit ….soon ! HINT , WINK , HINT , Michele !

  4. Still a huge fan of straight line rolling stuff, and Michele is unreal.

    That one-handed Pedal 5 holding the crossbar is such a thing of beauty.

  5. Agree with everyone’s comments, very smooth, no sight of any struggling in this riding. I’d never seen this edit before, so thanks.

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