7 thoughts on “Todd Gully Run 1&2 edit – AMFLT 2013 Anderson

  1. If I had more practice time, and super strong ankles, I would imitate the hell out of this guy!! Nice going Todd!!!

  2. So good to see Todd getting some props. The guys has been riding for ever and is one of the chillest dudes you will ever meet.

    Also he is a sick grounds keeper… no joke.

  3. I agree with Drew and BR.

    Also, #rumourhasit he’s the only person that’s been able to defeat Ron Monis at tickle tips.

  4. Very cool!!!! So nice to see the number of riders who find cool ways to inject some creativity into their riding. While on the topic of creativity, for any music fans or people looking to explore thoughtful dialogue on the challenges of being creative and practical with your art,?uestlove’s new biography Mo’ Meta Blues is a great read.

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