Viki Gomez – Best Signature BMX Flatland Tricks

Nice cinematography in this edit from Viki Gomez, not sure how long ago this from, due to the bike colour change from what Viki was running this past weekend at the Madrid contest, whatever the case it’s worth a watch!

3 thoughts on “Viki Gomez – Best Signature BMX Flatland Tricks

  1. Wow! Viki has had a really great second wind in flatland since he revived the back wheel. I really thought that his riding was going nowhere at one stage. Viki is like the flow version of Martti. He’s still all combo. I like that. We need all the styles and motivations.

  2. Hey Paul I have enough new tricks for the rest 200 years!hahaha I am always doing new stuff but I am not filming them because sometimes I just keep the moments for myself or I just keep forgetting them! Flatland is progression! Ride on!

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