Viki Gomez – the one hour walk of flow / extended version

the one hour walk of flow / extended version from Viki Gomez on Vimeo.

We have a Friday treat from Viki Gomez!! Viki explains this edit for you all:

“Inspired on Osho`s quote: “To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it. So during one hour a day I free my mind and I just ride looking for flow. This video is a part of that one hour…Like when you go for a walk, this is my one hour walk of flow.”

18 thoughts on “Viki Gomez – the one hour walk of flow / extended version

  1. No one has asked that?! Hahaha It’s already been out a few years, so I’ve already seen it and know it. I posted this one for anyone who hasn’t seen it! I figured most would have seen it from the Landscapes video Giannis.

    • As you know E I’m checking flatmatters everyday from the first day it started and every single day I search for older edits from my favorite riders…. Today I was all into Viki and this particular edit had a lot of depth in tricks and filling… I just saw that it hadn’t the must watch tag and I was like this should be the one with tag. The comments made real my question… Maybe I give great importance to the must watch label… I don’t know…

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