Voodou Jam 2018 High Class Final

This past weekend the Voodou Jam went down in Yamanashi, Japan. A welcome return to the infamous BMXBoze edits, I love these edits from Japan. This one is packed with rad riding from the Japanese underground and a variety of riding styles that keeps this fresh, featuring Shinichiro Hara, Shimonnu, Kyan (loo out for his back line at 00:39, Junpei, Yadon, and Enno Yang.

6 thoughts on “Voodou Jam 2018 High Class Final

  1. WOW! Loved every second of that! So many intricacies that took more then one viewing to really appreciate. Always amazed at how the innovation just seems limitless.

  2. Finally I’ve seen a double backwards decade, at least an attempt, so great this bloke tried it. He looks as though he’s pulled them already or he’s real close.

  3. Agreed with E-ron / Tristan / Valance…… on this edit ! SLAAAAAAAAMMMMMED with RAD / innovative combos . Ive never seen Junpei , Kyan ride before ………WOW , looks like these two will DEFINITELY be on my infinite list of riders that I always comb the net for , looking for some MORE of their banging combos on their bikes ! I love edits like this , hardcore lines that REALLY motivate and MAKE you wanna go out for a session , A.S.A.P. to push your own personal progression on your bike . Japan , their HUGE flatland scene………ALWAYS doing it PROPER / CORRECT ! THIS was a PERFECT exclusive , BIG-E =Effraim !

  4. I love seeing vids like this, where i have no idea who anyone is and its like a local scene or those “underground” types….

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