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Big news yesterday when we dropped Waldemar Fatkin’s explosive Welcome to The People edit, I caught up with the man himself to talk about the move, some history, and what we can expect in the future, read on!

The move to WeThePeople seems like it fits your flat/street direction Waldemar, what excited you most about the move over to WTP?
Hello everyone! Yes I am very happy to be a part of WTP. I am very excited about few things. WTP has very deep flatland roots and it was first BMX brand I was looking for. Of course quality and design of the products is just the best and I like the crew behind the brand. I am very honered to be part of the family.


WTP has a big history in flatland, lot of riders you might have looked up to on this brand when you first started, what do you hope to bring to the table to put them back in flatlanders minds?
When I started riding in 2003, WTP was the best choice for flatlanders with guys like Frank Lukas and Travis Colier on the team, WTP had one of the best teams going. Growing up I was always dreaming to the same bikes as these guys. WTP has a solid Flatland line with then ‘Utopia” series, and we have a lot more flatland based products in the works already. A lot of my friends are now riding WTP Utopia setups and we all have very different styles of riding so I’m confident we can create parts to suit any kinda of flatland rider. I’m looking forward to enjoying good times together with the WTP team and ride BMX worldwide and share my passion for bmx freestyle.


Wasn’t one of your first bikes a WTP?
Yes my first flatland frame was WTP Pony 2003. This bike was so nice!
Your Welcome to WTP edit dropped yesterday, you always put out explosive edits, what are you most psyched on?
It is my first edit for WTP, so I hope people will like it. It was a bit hard to film in April because it was windy and rainy weather. We had only few film sessions but I am happy with the result. Of cource we already working on some new video projects with good mix of riding (flatland and some street lines of me) and some WTP Utopia mixtapes of our crew.

Can we expect a signature line with WTP?
Surprise surprise.



What is your current set up like?
I’m now riding a WTP Utopia Frame and Fork with all WTP and Odyssey parts. It’s perfect for Flatland and Street riding. I am very happy with it!

Any final thank you’s and shootouts Waldemar?
Big big thanks to Harry and Dave from WTP, Bodo Hellwig from Sport Import for great support!! Thanks to Effraim for best flatland site. Thanks to all my friends for everything and thanks to all readers. See ya soon.

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