We The People 2015 Utopia Range

Intro: Effraim.
Text/Photos: Dave Paterson.

Dave Paterson over at WTP hit me up with some nice photographs and specs/details on the new WTP Utopia range for 2015. It is great to see them back in the flatland game, and they looking for feedback on their new product, read on and let us know what you think in the comments section…

“Wethepeople has strong flatland roots so we wanted to dive back into the flatland game after somewhat of a hiatus and create something unique. Now in it’s second year, the Utopia range was a side project we had to create a frame set that was tough enough for street riding, but has short and responsive geometry so you could have just as much fun in the parking lot too. We made a few changes for 2015, mainly the frame now comes in a longer 20” top tube size, as requested by a lot of our customers. The Utopia bar features the same angles but has been raised to 9” tall for this year. For 2015 we tweaked the fork to fit larger 2.2”+ tires if your looking to build a more street orientated setup. The end result is the most versatile flatland frame yet. The full 2015 Utopia range will be available from WeThePeople dealers worldwide from the end of Ocotber.

Whilst for most flatland riders our Utopia frame was big enough, we made a one off smaple for our team rider Dustyn Alt. Dustyn prefers a much more street orientated setup, so we took the current Utopia frame and gave it a bit of a growth spurt. The Trans Matte Blue frame pictured is Dustyn’s sample and it features a longer 20.3” top tube, a teller 8.25” stand over height and longer 13.2” chain stays. At the moment this frame is just a one off run for Dustyn, but if there is enough demand, we could produce it as an XL size on the second batch later on in 2015. It would be great to hear some feedback on Dustyn’s XL version and see who would ride one if we brought it out?”

Frame Specs:

Headtube angle: 75°
Seattube angle: 70.5°
Toptube Length: 20″
Rear end length: 12.4″-13″
BB height: 11.8″
Standover Height: 7.75″
Dropout size: 14mm
Headset type: Integrated
BB Type: Mid
Brake Mounts: Removable
Gyro Tabs: Removable
Weight: 4.9lbs

Material: 4130 “M2″ CrMo, heat-treated
Height: 9″
Width: 28”
Backsweep: 6°
Upsweep: 3°
Extras: Double kink crossbar, 7/8 multi-butted
Weight: 733g or 1.6lbs


MATERIAL: Full liquid post heat-treatment on 4130 “M2“ crmo
MACHINING: Fully cnc’d steerer, single butted. Fork design requires no bearing runner on crown. Only works with internal headsets
OFFSET: 15mm
DROPOUTS: Laser cut and cnc machined, 5mm, 4130 crmo, heat-treated. Available in 3/8”(10mm)
TOPBOLT: 7075-T6 alloy topbolt, M24 thread, 3/8” socket wrench fitment
OTHER: Available with or with out u-brake pivots
WEIGHT: 875g (20.72oz : 1.92lbs) (w/o topbolt). Topbolt: 22g (0.64oz : 0.04lbs)

27 thoughts on “We The People 2015 Utopia Range

  1. super-clean looks for sure.

    I like the support tube (instead of a plate) behind the seat tube. Would be rad if I learned the proper terminology for that one day.

    It’s also really interesting to hear the reasoning behind the wider fork (i.e. to fit a wider tire). At Dub’s Real City Spin someone foreshadowed that we’ll all be on fat tires by next year. He was also talking about MKUltra, so I took it with a grain of salt – but now with this I’m starting to consider giving it a try.

    Can we convince Dustyn Alt to come to the AMLFT finals at Battle in the Rockies so we can feel this?

  2. looks really nice and well made
    this comment concerns me though “… Utopia range was a side project”
    as far as how much they are willing to commit to flatland this time around. time will tell I guess, still love the brand WTP regardless 🙂

  3. Looks nice definitely. I think the frame is spot on! I would say with the bars if you were able to make the bends on the lower box as tight as possible so a rider has more clearance for front wheel tricks. Some may say it will reduce strength but that’s okay because the purpose of the parts are for flatland. With the forks for flatland most people are riding 1.75-2.00 tires so I believe its safe to make the fork width or clearance smaller and tighter. If that’s not something you guys are interested in doing I would suggest having the forks wider near the top and the tubes pulling and tapering in toward the wheel as it goes down. Overall everything looks good and I appreciate not only a company getting into flatland but more importantly asking the community first about their products.

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  5. You can’t slam the rear axle without the peg getting hung up on the welds/stays. 12.4-13″ is crazy short. I like the 20″ TT as a good all around size or for older and taller guys who want the room. The finish is pretty but chips and scuffs up easily. Glad to see less than a 71 degree seat tube. I’m glad to see WTP taking care of the ground riders again.

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  7. @Effraim : my last comment is something I wonder and I wanted to let WTP knows. That doesn’t mean that is what you should want.

    And big up for the love! 🙂

  8. out for 2 years? Really? I thought the forks just got released. The only thing I would change is the availability. I just got a Utopia fork and it was almost impossible to find in all of Europé.

    Also; the brake lugs were completely rusted out, I would change that..

  9. Flat specific, I think not. Why doesn’t everybody just ride short street frames? Then the industry can sweep flat back under the rug and get back to the business of creating barspinning, flat whipping clones. DOWN WITH ORIGINALITY!

  10. This isn’t trying to be a flat-specific frame… I think it is perfectly acceptable to see a trend of normal-looking BMX frames, but in “flatland sizes”….with some touches catering to flat riding. That actually describes a lot of flatland frames on the market now!

    WTP was pretty clear what this frame is for, and I’m glad to see it.

    Your average street frame (or complete bike) is 20.5TT so to make this with a 20″TT makes a lot of sense…nice work, men!

  11. Rick knows whats up! How many riders today really even ride a “flat specific” frame?? The frame, forks, bars all look nice!

  12. Hate to be negative about it, but after them bailing on flatland I don’t mind.

    A hiatus is an often unintentional break or interruption. You guys bailed on flat.

    Doing something exactly like everybody else is hardly ‘unique’.

    Making a short street bike is hardly ‘diving’ back into flat either.

    And, Stephan Prantl.

  13. I like the 2015 and would be happy to ride it for street. There aren’t that many tiny street frames like it and the flatland frames mostly seem unsuited to certain heavy street tricks. But I’d really love to ride the 2014 19.5 TT model as well. I can’t find it anywhere in the USA. There’s one shop near me who carries some of the WTP bikes and frames, but not the Utopia, and it looks like none of the online retailers carry the Utopia either. Hopefully that will change with the 2015 model. I like the small frame because I am a small guy, only 5’5″, and I grew up riding an old school frame that had an only 18.5″ top tube.

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